Paving Installation Project (Unemployed Youth)

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Paving Installation Project (Unemployed Youth)

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We are about to start with a Paving installation Project in Burgundy Estate,Cape Town.

As one of our cardinal pillars is “all about the PEOPLE”, we always strive to empower our people especially unemployed youth.

As a consequence we are looking for one unemployed person, to empower during this project.

The person will learn on the job: how to tackle maintenance projects from concept to completion.

We will also serve as a reference for them, when they apply for future job opportunities.

As it can be expected the person might not have the transportation fee to travel from home to Burgundy Estate, so we will sponsor the transportation costs for the duration of the project. Safety gear will be provided and you can keep it even after the project is completed.

We will take a candidate based on first come basis, our contact email address is: alternatively call us:+27 (21) 007-4497


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